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CrossFit Gym Singapore

When it comes to the Singapore CrossFit scene, look no further than Iron Fitness Singapore for muscle building and body sculpting exercises. Because we’re not just another CrossFit gym affiliate… our training methodology and training foundations are also based on age-old strength and conditioning principles.

When you step through our doors and decide to take your fitness to the next level, as a gym we take this responsibility very seriously. Your fitness goal is our priority. Our programs have to help you achieve and maintain them. This is why all our workouts have to undergo strict programming with specific key objectives in mind.

We’ll help you work on your skills and techniques so you can build up the confidence to tackle on more complicated movements. And as you become a part of our CrossFit Community, you’ll begin to love the friendly competition our athletes all pride themselves on.

If you’re interested in quality coaching and training, then we’re confident our gym training programs will get you the results you want. And you’ll even find yourself enjoying the adrenaline pumping activities we do here.

6 Amazing Reasons To Start Your Gym Training Today

Bodyweight Exercises

Essential exercise for anyone looking to build muscle or burn fat. You’ll experience a wide range of movements that strengthens your core muscles. Best part… you don’t need any equipment and you can continue your workout anywhere you want.

Strongman-Type Events

3 main types of movements you’ll master here, namely the Squats, the Dealifts, and the Presses among many others. You’ll get to practice with some of these unique strongman equipment you can’t find in any regular commercial gym.

High-Intensity Workout

Faster and more intense than regular cardio exercises, our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will send your metabolism to the extreme. Your body will continue to burn fat hours after you’ve left the gym and go on with your day-to-day activities.

Training Longevity

We believe that fitness training has to be tough but it also has to be fun. You must enjoy your training routine as it will naturally encourage you to continue maintaining a healthier and fitter lifestyle. That’s why ALL our programs are designed with your training longevity in mind.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

These sessions promise to be some of the most brutal training around as they push your strength, speed and endurance into overdrive. You’ll feel sore, fatigued, even to the point of insanity, but you’ll begin to see the results kicking in faster than you can ever imagine within a few sessions.

Safe Training Guranteed

With the wrong attitude or coaching, CrossFit training can be dangerous. Training without a spotter or neglecting your form is a BIG No-No in our gym. Our training will allow your muscles to properly rest and recover to grow faster. Because injury will put a stop to your progress and we want to avoid that.

Iron Fitness Singapore Gym Classes

IFSG Barbell Club

barbells laid out on gym floor

Learn to work through the many different forms of powerlifting when you come down to train at our box. Whether you’re new to the snatch, the clean, or even the jerk, our programming will provide you with the fundamentals to get started.

CrossFit Training Program

athletes completing crossfit workout

Top notch fitness programming, great coaching, and a community to train and grow together with. Those are the key elements that give our standard classes the environment and ability to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Fitness Training

coaching personally training athlete

Have a special fitness requirement and need closer monitoring or attention? Our exclusive 1-to-1 coaching program will help us to access your fitness goals and challenges to schedule a customised training outside of regular class hours.