Powerlifting – Our Training Methodology

From our very early roots, Iron Fitness Singapore has been an early adopter of powerlifting in our fitness programs.

Despite being a CrossFit gym in Singapore, our methodology started out with the Bulgarian’s conjugate method for training. And having gone through the Westside-Barbell certification, our head coach then developed his strength training program by combining the positive aspect of each program.

This led to our own unique training system that our athletes go through.

Every quarter, we’ll test our athletes growth and progress with the gym by conducting a 1 Rep Max event. During this event, each athlete will perform a specific lift, namely the back squat, bench press and the deadlift. Pushing for the maximum weight they can lift. The rules for this event closely follows international testing standards and those used in weightlifting tournaments.

And contrary to popular beliefs, powerlifting training doesn’t automatically lead to bulky arms and legs. The diet you consume is important if you want to gain mass. However, the training will increase your strength and endurance. The secret to a successful workout isn’t to complete high-volume routines but rather to focus on lower reps which pushes your limits.

Key Focus In Our Powerlifting Training

While seeing a huge increase in your strength is always very encouraging, our coaches are there to ensure your form and technique are constantly at work. This is to prevent injury as you’re dealing with heavy weights. Many of our athletes lift twice and even triple their body weight.

As such, safety is a major element we’re looking out for. The last thing you want is to tear a muscle and put your training routine to an immediate halt.

When you start training with us, it is very common to feel fatigue after a workout. Many of the lifts we execute will push your Central Nervous System to its limits. But as you gradually get more familiar with the techniques, you’ll begin to find the process easier and the results will start coming in. In addition to this, we also employ the conjugate system.

The Conjugate?System

Conjugate means ?to couple or link?. The system is used throughout the year since there is an unlimited amount of exercise you can use it for. When you constantly change the exercises you are doing, you will not over-train your Central Nervous System. Simply put, you can train all aspects of fitness at the same time and continue to see results.?This means weight over 90% but not an ultimate record. This develops a higher total volume but less than 100% intensity. They would push the number of classic lifts near contest time and decrease special exercises.

The conjugate system is based on increasing muscle tension by using three methods:

1) Maximum effort method ? training at or above your 1RM to build strength
2) Dynamic effort method ? lifting sub-maximum weight at max speed to build speed and power
3) Repetition effort method ? lifting sub-maximum weight to failure to build muscle and muscle endurance

Iron Fitness Singapore gym training programs follow the Conjugate?system of lifting your maximum weight out on each max effort day.?Helping you develop your new all-time record, not 90%, 95% or even 97?%, but to hit a weight which you have never done before.?Like the program, you’ll go through a multitude of special exercise during each weekly or monthly training plan.?Each week you’ll use different exercises to max out your strength and endurance potential.?All Iron Fitness Singapore Athletes are able to train at their 100 and 1% and more each and every week, year in and out.

Ask yourself this very seriously, do you want to lift 1% under your all time best or another?1% over your previous best??The Iron Fitness System trains you as a lifter mentally, psychologically, and physically.?In this exclusive training, breaking new records each week is a natural process to achieving your training goals, making it easy at contest or 1 rep max time.

Becoming Your Ultimate Best

Leave your baggage of preconceived notions on how a gym works, what strength and conditioning training should be like and be prepared to push yourself beyond your limits.?Because when you take your first step into Iron Fitness Singapore , this will be the moment you say goodbye to your traditional training regimes and finally understand what it takes to perform and look the best you?possibly?can.

Here at Iron Fitness Singapore, results are guaranteed because it has been proven with our training system and our athletes are able to walk the talk.?As you naturally consider this life changing gym training program unlike any other, we promise you that if you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life and be a part of this great community, our fitness specialist will take you there.