Strength And Conditioning Gym

Iron Fitness Singapore is proud to announce that we are the first Strength and Conditioning Gym in Singapore.

When we first started?up with our gym training programs our head coach studied and participated in many different fitness regimens. Many of them were good but they tend to focus too much on one area of fitness e.g. ?strength, endurance, flexibility?. This led to athletes seeing results a particular area yet the other areas of fitness struggled to match up.This prove to be an issue for athletes whose sports required a more well-rounded programming.

So after talking to many well respected fitness professionals, it was then that our head coach decided to come up with his own training system. A regimen that would provide training for all 10 general physical skill of fitness.One that incorporated CrossFit methodology with the Conjugate Training System.

When you train with us, you’ll be working on achieving the standards set in each category. This is how you’ll see improvements not only in your fitness, but your overall health as well. Most importantly, our training incorporates a unique 10 disciplines for personal growth as well. These skills will not only help you improve in the gym, but outside the gym, in other areas of your life.

As you work on your techniques, there will be times when you feel exhausted, almost beaten. But our programming here will help instill the discipline to follow through your training. You’ll see time and again that as long as you maintain the right form and posture, you can overcome your mental limitations.

Adding Strength & Conditioning Into Your Training?Routine.

Naturally for most people who go to a gym to train, strength work is not your only concern. After all what is the point of having incredible strength with arms the size of a tree trunk, but lack the energy after 5 minutes of workout?

When it comes to intensive workouts, conditioning exercises should be included in the training schedule to focus on toning and endurance.

If you’re familiar with CrossFit training programs, then you’ll understand why we conduct conditioning exercises using high intensity activities within a short period of time. This is the same principle applied in every single conditioning workout our athletes undergo.

Each training program at Iron Fitness Singapore is carefully planned out at least 6 months in advanced and alter weekly. This means that when you go perform a conditioning exercise, there are fundamental reasons for the exercises chosen.

While you want to achieve better form and stamina, over exertion of a single muscle group will lead to serious injuries and when you think about it, sustaining an injury puts you out of the game for a period of time.

Unlike programs which are overly repeated or planned?haphazardly, each training is specially designed to work out a few?targeted muscle groups?to give you a complete full body workout.

You’ll be amazed at how fast your body gets conditioned to the exercises, literally within weeks.

How Does Our Strength and Conditioning System Work?

Monday : Max Effort

Tuesday :?Dynamic Effort

Wednesday :?Conditioning / Rest

Thursday : Dynamic Effort

Friday : Max Effort

Saturday : Conditioning / Rest

Sunday : REST

You will have 48 hours of recovery between each Upper and Lower training sessions, during Max and Dynamic days. On Wednesday and Saturday you will be doing strictly conditioning work. Wednesdays are more dedicated towards interval work while Saturdays are dedicated towards long team work?or track work. You also have the option to rest on these two days but on Sunday you will be completely off.

You Can Be As Strong As You Want Yourself To Be

Strength and conditioning workout is and has always been the way to go with physical fitness training. While we can’t say for other gyms, if you are serious about achieving your personal records and seeing great improvements, Iron Fitness Singapore has the techniques, training schedules, guidance and environment for your success.

Isn’t it time you gave a CrossFit gym in Singapore a try?