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IMG_0367Welcome to Iron Fitness Singapore, Home Of CrossFit Iron Fitness Fundamentals!

It is very important to us that all our members and potential members understand?how to?perform the fundamental movements of Strength Training & CrossFit with proper form and without the risk of serious fatigue or injury. To ensure everyone is comfortable with these movements, we have developed a 2 class series to help teach clients the movements and how to execute them properly.

The Fundamental Program is mandatory for anyone who is interested in beginning their fitness journey with us. We?ll help you see your fitness goals realised with these 3 success factors:

  1. A dedicated coach
  2. Tested & proven program
  3. Community of supportive athletes

This beginner?s guide to Strength Training and CrossFit is a 2.5hour session designed to introduce fundamental movements and training principals as well as the foundations of Strength Training and CrossFit.

We will go over the fundamental movements that are paramount in our program; this will ensure that you are taught proper techniques on all moves so that you may then attend regular group classes and participate safely.

These sessions are held separately in order to give new members the attention and instructions they need when learning complicated movements. It also aims to help athletes build confidence before they begin regular group classes.

Classes will begin with a warm-up, followed by a movement review, new movement instruction/practice, and will end with a workout designed around the movements taught during that class.

If you are moving from another CrossFit gym, or have been doing CrossFit on your own for a significant amount of time, you are welcome to join our regular classes immediately.

If you have never worked out before, have played a specific sport, or are a member of a gym without trainers, we highly recommend you take the fundamentals classes before you get started. We ask this because Strength Training & CrossFit requires proficiency in a number of areas: speed, endurance, stamina, balance, flexibility, strength, power, agility, coordination, and accuracy. Many times, all 10 are not addressed in a specific sport or strength program. We want to ensure you address each of these skills before you jump into the class.

Iron Fitness Singapore, Home of CrossFit?Iron Fitness Basic Fundamentals?are now opened for fundamentals?registration?in February and March 2016.


1) Fundamental 2.1 ? 18th?February 2016, Thursday (7:30pm ? 8:30pm)

2) Fundamental 2.2 ? 20th?February 2016, Saturday (9:30am-11am)


1) Fundamental 3.1 ? 24th March?2016, Thursday (7:30pm ? 8:30pm)

2) Fundamental 3.2 ? 26th March?2016, Saturday (9:30am-11am)


Fundamental Program include the following:

2 x Fundamental Class.
1 x Training Session upon completion of the Basic Fundamental Class.
1 x Training Tee.


Adult SGD150
NSF / National Athletes / Full Time Student SGD100

*All Basic Fundamental Class SGD50?deposit at registration to secure slots.

*7 Slots per class to ensure quality?coaching.

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