Our CrossFit Coaches

Our Iron Fitness Singapore team of CrossFit coaches are certified with either the internationally recognised CrossFit Level 1 or Level 2 certification. While each coach has his own unique approach to coaching, you can be?assured they have your fitness goals and interest in mind. Each training session is already ?planned out months in advance to cater to the different training requirements and every one of our coaches are instructed on the key areas to look out for. Especially with new athletes to the gym.

Our Fitness?Coaching Standards

As a CrossFit gym, we can guarantee you that the training here is going to be tough.?Our programs?are?designed to specifically target a key muscle group during each workout session and our coaches are there to push you hard. They will be strict to instil discipline in your training and to really test your limits. But that doesn’t mean safety is ever compromised to achieve results. In fact, it is the total opposite.

Our methodology is built heavily on strength and conditioning principles which advocates rehabilitation exercises. Your muscles need to rest properly to grow and the last thing you ever want is to get injured. This is why every single one of our coaches are there to look out for any safety issues. They’ll stop an athlete from completing a workout should?there be?any warning sign displayed. You’ll hear our trainers repeating frequently the importance of having good technique and form as that will accelerate your fitness progress while slashing your risk of serious injury.

Meet The Team of Trainers

IMG_3072Coach Kelvin Quah

As the Head Coach of Iron Fitness Singapore, Coach Kelvin believes training should not be complicated. Instead, by introducing simplicity in the training routines, it is a key to efficient progress as athletes get to experience a quality workout without jeopardising their results.

Consistency allows every training to be enjoyable and still retain an all rounded workout experience. Many people train what they like, not what they need. Coach Kelvin’s aim is to make it a part of our lifestyle and not something that we do only when we need to look good for a certain period of time or for a certain event. Because in that way, we’re constantly putting our body at risk.

The following are some of his certifications:

CrossFit Level 2,?CrossFit Judges,?Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach,?Mix Martial Art Strength and Conditioning Coach,?Singapore Sports Council NCAP?Olympic Lift Coach,?Master Rehab Trainer accredited by Australian Physiotherapy Association, ACE & Fitness Australian,?Trigger Point Performance Trainer

?Keep everything simple and always remember the basics.”


Lai Pui San

Level 1 Touch Football Coach,?Level 1 Touch Football Referee

I train because I love to compete, to better and challenge myself.?I used to be in the school?s track team and practiced Taekwondo. Now, I am actively involved with?Touch Football both as a player and coach. I have represented the Singapore Women?s Team twice?in the Touch World Cup in 2011 and 2015, both of which achieving bronze.

Training at Iron Fitness has made me a stronger athlete in the game of touch. In preparation for my?Touch World Cup, my sport specific trainings at Iron Fitness was extremely beneficial. It made me?realize the importance of strength and conditioning regardless of the sport you play. I love that?every workout is a challenge and there is always room for improvement in the different areas of?fitness.


Gerry Hoe

Certification Basic Sports Science,?Fitness Instructor

Started actively going to the gym at 16. Initial goals were to keep fit and stay healthy, while trying to?pass the often dreaded NAPFA fitness tests conducted in schools. Never really sought to reach my?peak fitness levels until National Service, where I was posted to the Naval Diving Unit and that?opened up many opportunities for me. I became more passionate about my fitness and well-being,?always striving to get the Divers Gold for my IPPT during the two years. This love for fitness was?further amplified when I train at Iron Fitness Singapore, working on my strength and conditioning of?my body.


Samantha Hall

CrossFit Level 1

I grew up in small town Texas where I played volleyball, basketball, ran track and was a cheerleader. Athletics was without a doubt, my favorite class. I loved off season where we would spend most of our time in the weight room, but at that time, I had no idea the impact this would have on my life later on.

As an impressionable teenage girl, I suffered from an eating disorder and poor body image during my high school life. It was a trying time for me and I knew it was unhealthy. Luckily in college I became a personal trainer where I started to learn to love my body for what it could do rather than what it looked like. And this life lesson kept coming back to me until after I had my beautiful son.

In my early personal training days I learned a lot about the body building style of training and this was how I trained myself and my clients. But after having my son I wanted something more. After moving to Australia I joined a boxing-for-fitness gym and started strength training. I fell in love with the barbell and began to reap the mental and physical benefits of this type of training. I learned more about nutrition and how to fuel my body for life and training.

During this time, I also started CrossFit and things began to take off for me. I got my CF Level 1 Certification and shortly after, moved to Singapore. I love what CrossFit does for me, both physically and mentally. Pair that with my first true love, strength training, and you have an amazing duo.

My passion for training and learning grows everyday and I love sharing that passion with people.


Tan Chang Sheng

Just 3 years ago, I weighed over 100 kilograms, the most exercise I get is from climbing stairs in school and I feasted on all kinds of junk food freely. After graduating from junior college, I decided that it was time I did something about my body and that was when I took my first step towards fitness. I gradually picked up on simple exercises and workout regimes from friends and through reading articles on the Internet. I started going to the gym 4 times a week and adjusted my diet, by the time I enlisted I had lost 12kg. I enlisted to bmt at tekong and remained determined to lose weight and become fitter, I lost another 12kg in the next 5 months. At last, I am not the severely obese person I used to be, the hardwork for the past year has paid off. The journey of weight loss and exploring the world of training, has ignited a passion for fitness in me. I continued training alone in public gyms with little progression and injuries due to improper form. I then met Coach Kelvin at Iron Fitness Singapore and trained under his guidance. At the gym, I met many other stronger and fitter athletes and was introduced to sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting and crossfit and was instantly captivated by the sports. I was inspired to do better and learn more. I never forgot my origins of being obese and the struggles, which is why I am more motivated to learn more to be able to help spread the culture of fitness and reduce obesity. Hence, I completed the BASIC SPORT SCIENCE course to equip myself with the theoretical knowledge and practical applications of sport science. I believe everybody can be fit and healthy as long as they put their heart into achieving it. I understand the hardships of change and how it would be easier if there was proper guidance for people who wanted to change. My goal is to be able to inspire others and help others achieve their fitness goals. More people have to know that keeping fit is not just spending hours on treadmill and doing random resistance exercise in the gym for the sake of it, fitness can be enjoyable, can be personal development and is a sustainable lifestyle. To be able to achieve my dream I constantly seek to gain new knowledge and is now enrolling for the FITNESS INSTRUCTOR COURSE.?