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Because No Man or Woman is Ever Left Behind. Who Said Fitness Training Has To Be Lonely?

Experience The CrossFit Community Spirit

Our Iron Fitness Singapore Family

The CrossFit community in Singapore is growing and expanding at a rapid rate. And for good reasons. Unlike commercial gyms where you’re left to train alone and mind your own business… when you train with an active community like ours… you train in an environment designed to push you and you’ll find yourself getting excited. Excited to get real results.

Our gym training programs are tough. Make no mistake about it. But when you train with a family of athletes who are there to support and help you… even the toughest exercises will shatter before you.

And that’s what makes the Singapore Crossfit scene so enjoyable. It’s this never-say-die spirit every member develop that helps us to overcome our personal fitness obstacles and scale newer heights. As a team.

Experience Training With Our Community

Come down for our fundamental class and experience what it’s like training together with a CrossFit community and really push yourself to achieve your fitness goals.

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