Fundamental Class

Iron Fitness Basic Class

Our Basic Strength and CrossFit Fundamentals program is mandatory for all new members. The program consists of training classes designed to introduce you to the foundations of Basic Strength Training and?CrossFit.

We will go over the fundamental movements that are paramount in our programming; this will ensure that you are taught proper techniques on all moves so that you may then attend regular group classes and participate safely.

We will also review some information about why we do what we do in Strength Training and CrossFit, as well as address nutritional needs you will have in order to reach your full potential.

We feel that it is necessary to hold these sessions separately in order to give new members?the attention and instruction they need when learning complicated movements, as well as to build confidence before beginning with the regular group classes.

Classes will begin with a warm-up, followed by a movement review, new movement instruction/practice, and will end with a workout designed around the movements taught during that class.