Gym Membership & Fees

Whenever any aspiring athlete enquire about our gym membership, the first thing that surprises them is the premium prices. At Iron Fitness Singapore, we dare to say our fees are considered premium but it’s because we believe in delivering results.

Unlike many other private gyms, we’re upfront with our prices. There are no hidden cost or situations where you have to top up to join another class or program.

When you choose to enroll in our standard class, you qualify for all our other fitness programs as well.

What Does Our Membership Provide You

Our training here revolves around strength and conditioning workouts. Each day of the week focuses on building and developing a different set of muscles through our unique workouts.

You’ll experience handling different workout equipment and learn how to push your body to the limits, safely. One of the key emphasis you’ll learn here is how to test your physical limits and when to stop. Many athletes in their eagerness to increase a rep or two, discard safety precautions. Which leads to injury.

But when you train with us here, despite our CrossFit influence, safe training is still our number one priority.

All our workouts are programmed specifically for you. We’ll instruct you on specific movements, scale the workout if necessary and even offer nutritional suggestions. We are committed to every member that walks through our doors.

In fact, when you come and experience our group sessions, they are almost the equivalent of a semi-personal training as we dedicated our time to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Below is a list of the various workouts we conduct.

membership details

New Membership Terms and Conditions

– All new athletes to Iron Fitness Singapore are required to undergo a Fundamental Class?before gaining full entry to the gym and its training programs.

– All Personal Training will require a minimum purchase?of 4 session.

*Late cancellations or Not show?will require members of public to re-book trial session again.