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magic-with-myotrigger-foam-rollersThis past couple of weeks, our friends at Myotrigger Foam Roller has taken the trouble to give us 2 of their amazing foam rollers. These handy devices are fantastic for helping many of our newer athletes ease into the various myofascial release techniques. For the longest time, we’ve been using PVC pipes which works wonders in helping you to release the tension around your calf and thighs, but this can be an extremely painful process. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good kind of pain, but many beginners just aren’t used to it. Especially when many of them have never had a myofascial release treatment before.

So when we were given this chance to test out these new state-of-the-art foam rollers using some of the latest manufacturing technology for longer lasting performance and durability, we were definitely excited.

And here’s the best part…

They were every bit as amazing as we thought they would be.

What We Liked About the Foam Roller

MyoTrigger Fascianator IIFirst off, it looks amazing. Coated in black throughout with a nice touch of orange for the logo and text, the Fascianator II looks really hardcore. Its spiky exterior just gave it the “badboy” image fitting for a tough CrossFit workout. But design alone wouldn’t suffice in this brutal training environment. What we need is a device that helps our athletes prevent injuries or strains during their workout. That calls for a foam roller that will help release tight tension in the muscle. Using foam that is too light just will not do.

That’s where the Fascianator II shines. It is designed with premium Evo foam that is resistant to deforming despite heavy usage. This makes it soft enough so it wouldn’t leave a dent on your legs but hard enough to do what it was created for. Apply pressure on stiff and inflexible muscles to loosen them and give our calves back its flexibility.

But a solid foam isn’t enough. We’re constantly adding pressure on the roller each time we use it. This means the product itself has to be able to withstand numerous brutal beatings as apply our body weight on it. In response to this, we understand that MyoTrigger uses the costlier ABS polymer core. According to them, the Fascianator II can withstand as much as 200kg of pressure. This makes it almost break-proof.

It has a sleek design. It can withstand heavy punishment. And it will accomplish what it was meant to do.

How to Use the Fascianator II

While we can go on about how brilliant the Fascianator II is designed, as athletes, function is even more critical.

Members of Iron Fitness Singapore are required to undergo a special myofascial release training when they first join the gym. Every single one of them are taught how to use a PVC pipe and roll from their calves, to their thighs, to their adductors and much more. With the Fascianator II, the exercises are similar, only you now can choose to use the spikes for a much deeper roll.

And here’s what we liked best… Unlike the PVC pipe, the Fascianator II has a multi-purpose central ridge you can use in a variety of ways. Our personal preference is to use it to roll along your spine. Because of the ridge design, you can roll without fear that it will push against your spinal cord. You won’t have to switch to a lacrosse ball to continue your stretching as it has you covered.

Get Yours Online At MyoTrigger

So if you’re interested in getting a foam roller to strengthen your workout, we highly recommend buying the Fascianator II. Right now for a limited time, you can order yours from their website and Iron Fitness Singapore athletes qualify for a special 10% discount. Head on over there and get yours today.

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