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We started Iron Fitness Singapore in 2012 out of a 950sq ft along North Bridge Road.

Fast forward till today we are at a 2800sq ft training facility that’s purely using the conjugate training system, that attract athletes all around starting from Sprinters, Swimmers, Fighters, Powerlifters, Olympic Lifters, Crossfitters and National Athletes.

Everything about this gym is results driven, even the layout of the facility. If you need to get stronger, faster, more mobile and recover from injuries, we had it under one roof.

One of the things we master here is the art of group training. We call it customize group training.

Basically we bring the athletes here by our community and competitive natural of group training but we individualize each athlete training so is customize to their needs and their goal so they are getting their own training but they are doing it in an environment that is much better to pushing them to their limits.

What makes this place special till what it is today, is the team we had here. I truly feel that we had the most passionate, educated, group of coaches and athletes that share the same common goal.

There is five things we live by every single day.

No.1 – Lead from the front. We are not following anybody else. We’re passionate, we’re gonna stay on top of our game.

No.2 – We’re gonna be loyal and honest to our athletes.

No.3 – We will always over delivery when you come into this gym.

No.4 – We’re gonna provide a safe environment for our athletes.

No.5 – We really pride ourself in being more then just a gym. This gym is all about relationship and everybody that walks in here are like our family.

One of the biggest misconception about this facility is that we are crossfit or powerlifting and we only train Crossfit or Powerlifting, nothing could be further from the true.

If you’re serious about training, it doesn’t matter about your age, your gender, your skill level or your sport.

You can train here at Iron Fitness Singapore.

Photos credit to: Cheryl Tay

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