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Lifters with physical limitations and mobility issues will often find discomfort, pain, and soreness in the wrist area during and after a lifting session.?A limitation, imbalance, or injury in the wrist can impact an athlete?s ability to execute a lift properly and could result in father damage.

The movements of the wrist include abduction, adduction, flexion, and extension. ?The wrist joint area can be complex in nature and soreness and injury may be also due to other conditions; carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Immaculate technique in lifting is one of the best ways to prevent undue stress and injury on the wrists.?Finding a certified and experienced coach to monitor and teach you proper form will enable you to use your technique when lifting, and not just brute strength. When working through the front squat and the clean, catching the bar with high elbows in a high elbow rack position is imperative for lifting success.
Mobility work, stretching, and yoga exercises are fundamental for wrist, arm, and shoulder flexibility in weight lifting.?Working through a set of exercises before lifting and after can dramatically change the level of soreness and pain you experience.
Tips For Wrist Issues in Lifting:
  • Find an experienced coach or mentor.
  • Fine Tune your technique and form.
  • Warm up with a pvc and then barbell each time before you lift.
  • Work with less volume in your programming.
  • Regular yoga and mobility sessions.
  • Ice affected areas generously as needed.
  • Rest when needed.
  • If the issue persists over time see a medical professional.
Try of few of these yoga movements to increase your mobility today:
Stretching both arms out energetically begin to warm the body moving the hands and rotating the wrists in all directions up, down, and side to side for one to two minutes. Finish by rolling the wrists in five circles to the front and five circles towards the back.
Rest your body in child’s pose reaching your hands down to your feet. Relax your forehead towards the floor and stretch through the back of the neck. Alternate the palms up and down with your breath for five to ten rounds.
Pressing both palms equally together reach the hands up pressing the arms straight. Hold this pose for five to ten breaths and then alternate hands.Try to relax your shoulders down in their sockets as you press upward into the palms.
Rotate hands in a semi circle slowly until your fingers are facing towards your body. Hold this position for five to ten deep breaths.If you wish to take the stretch deeper begin to bend the body and press your weight back into your heels feeling a very deep opening the the forearms and wrists.
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