Standard Class – CrossFit Training Program

athletes completing crossfit workout

When it comes to CrossFit training programming, Iron Fitness Singapore’s standard class will give you the challenge you need to take your fitness to the next level.

We have trained rugby players, football players, swimmers, sprinters, and many other athletes to increase their stamina, speed and strength. But what really makes our gym training program different from the many other private gyms out there is that we don’t just incorporate CrossFit methodology. We stick to our roots and focus on strength and conditioning developments.

This gives our workouts a more well-rounded training routine as we work on building up your core. You’ll learn how to hit your goals fast while ensuring you don’t leave out certain muscle groups. (Not everyday has to be leg’s day but remember that your feet will give you the power to drive up the explosive force you want)

CrossFit Training Program Details

Each day training with us will see you going through a Workout of the Day (WOD) which has been planned out by our Head Coach. These workouts will challenge you to push yourself to your limits and break your personal best. You’ll be trained to develop speed, power, endurance, and much more. At the same time, you’ll notice yourself developing a stronger foundation for your physical abilities like mobility and flexibility.

Most of the program will take place within the gym or box (a CrossFit lingo) but there are several workouts that will see you testing yourself outdoors.

While the program is designed to be intensive and tough, they can be pretty much enjoyable as well. Once you begin to shatter your old scores and see a huge improvement in your overall fitness.

Here are some of the key metrics we measure which you’ll start to work towards:

  • AMRAP – one of the key CrossFit training goals which is to complete As Many Reps As Possible within a timed workout
  • Rx’d – The prescribed exercise routine as it is written on the board. We’ll scale this down according to your current fitness level
  • For Time – Your goal here is to complete the entire workout fast. The faster the better
  • Score – The total number of reps you completed in the workout

During the training, you’ll also be exposed to many different CrossFit functional movements and CrossFit equipments. Our coaches will instruct you on how to operate them and the specific area they help to train and develop.

How You Can Get Started

All new comers to Iron Fitness are required to attend and undergo our Crossfit Beginner Program to determine your current physical strength and to access the level of fitness for subsequent classes. We’ll be able to scale the workouts accordingly so you get to reap maximum results.

Because when you train with a class or trainer, you want the best advice, techniques and programming for you.

This is why we’ll be frank up front here that this is not going to be your normal commercial gym where you enroll and are left to train on your own…

When you choose to join us as an athlete, you’re not just another headcount. We treat all our members as part of the Iron Fitness family. After all, you want a CrossFit Gym in Singapore that encourages you to give it your all. And that’s why every athlete here gives their 100 & 10% to train and improve every day, helping each other to push themselves to their limit.

While the training is tough, it doesn’t have to be miserable. In fact, with a team of supportive athletes and a powerful CrossFit community at your back, you’ll understand why we can train as hard as we do here.