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12832372_1023972871009691_7912980266118199080_n16.2 is a mix of high skill movements and heavy weights! No where to hide in this one, Either you’ll be limited by your double-unders and/or toes to bar, or by the weight of the squat cleans. I could probably spend 20 minutes alone walking through all the scenario’s of who should scale this workout, who should attempt it RxD, and everything in between, but for those of you who are unsure feel free to send me a message and I can help you decide what your best option is. ?In case you missed it, below?are the workout details, movement standards, and all you need to know about 16.2. Just like last week, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Lets get into it!

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 minutes of:
25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans*

Begin with a 4 minute time cap. If 1 round is completed in under 4 minutes extend time to 8 minutes. If 2 rounds are?completed in under 8 minutes extend time to 12 minutes. Etc., adding 4 minutes per round completed for up to 20 minutes.

*1st round, 15 reps at 135 / 85 lb.
2nd round, 13 reps, 185 / 115 lb.
3rd round, 11 reps, 225 / 145 lb.
4th round, 9 reps, 275 / 175 lb.
5th round, 7 reps, 315 / 205 lb.


For RxD athletes:
Break them up from the start. If T2B are no problem for you then I like 5 sets of 5, 5 seconds rest between sets. If you have them but they’re inconsistent or not super efficient, then consider smaller sets of 3, again limited rest. Avoid wasted efforts and no reps. Once linking toes to bar disappears they’re really hard to get back. Worst case scenario, get after quick singles. One good rep, flip around, and go again.
For Scaled athletes:
Treat the hanging knee raise like the kip for the T2B with a limited range of motion. Remember, you only need to get the knees above the the hips. Here you can start thinking about larger sets, maybe 15/10. If grip becomes an issue, consider using a mixed grip (one hand underhand, one hand overhand).
Try to stay relax and keep your heart rate low. You want to hustle through these if possible because your “Tiebreak” time is when you complete your 50th double under (or single for scaled). If you’re someone who is still developing the Double Unders, maybe you can do single/single/double or something similar, you’ll have to really hustle to give yourself time for some squat cleans. All those extra singles add up quick.
These got heavy quick this morning. The clean itself was easy, the squat was the nasty part. Quick singles is the way to go for RxD, scaled can maybe get away with some tap-n-go’s if the weight feels light but then you run the risk of cashing your legs to fast. Have all your weights nearby, even ones maybe you don’t plan to get to. You may surprise yourself.
This one is a little different than were used to. You’ll want to push hard from the start to get ahead on the lighter round then settle into a consistent pace. Unlike 14.2/15.2, you do not have to wait to start your next round so hustling through each round gives you more time for the following. Quick transitions from movement to movement and SHORT BREAKS between sets/reps.
If you’re decent at toes to bar and double-unders, or even if you plan to scale to hanging knee raise and singles, this’ a squat clean workout. Your legs will quickly become fatigued and possibly feel like mush. Think, one rep at a time. Pick it up and put it down. When the time is ticking down and you know you aren’t going to make the next round remember that every rep in this workout will bump you up hundreds of places. Literally hundreds. One more rep is huge deal!

Good luck athletes! ?
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