Gym Class Schedule

When it comes to?fitness class?schedule, we’ve prepared?a standard?timetable to?cater best to our many athletes’ busy schedules so they can still maximise their training. Whether you prefer a workout to start or end the day, we’ve got your covered.

Our standard crossfit training program has its own daily workout of the day (WOD) which has been pre-planned to help give you a well-rounded exercise routine to achieve your fitness goals. We have a fitness program for each day of the week and a break on Sunday to maximise your recovery. You are encouraged to come down everyday for faster results.

We have also added?2?specialised programs, the Barbell Club and our Yoga class, for interested athletes.

Weekly Programs & Calendar

The calendar below shows our program timing. Certain activities are subjected to change nearer to a competition or fitness test date.

Snapshot 2016-04-24 21-25-30

Note: All athletes are required to do their warm-up and rolling half an hour BEFORE?the indicated class time slot. The coach or trainer reserves the right to stop athletes from taking part in the class should athletes fail to do a proper warm-up.